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Re-Attaching Our Consciousness to the Light of the Creator

Topic: Kabbalistic Concepts | Posted: January 18, 2017

I always find it inspiring when one of the great souls - in this case Maimonides, the Rambam - shares with us a divine inspiration he or she received. He writes, “There has been revealed to me a tremendous secret. If you understand the secret, all doubts will be removed. If you understand the secret, the supernal secrets of God will be revealed to you.” And what he says isn't new to any of us, but I think the degree of it and the importance of it will hopefully allow us to gain a new level on the Shabbat of Shemot: The degree of an individual's conscious connection and attachment to the Light of the Creator is to the degree in which the Light of the Creator shines to him, protects him, and sends him Light and abundance. How many of us during the day, or maybe sometimes even during our spiritual connections, are actually consciously thinking of the Light of the Creator, consciously... read more


Expecting the End of the Correction Every Day

Topic: Kabbalistic Concepts | Posted: January 11, 2017

Vayechi is an unbelievably exciting and powerful Shabbat, with many lessons, but one thing we have to keep in mind throughout the whole week leading up to this Shabbat is that it says Jacob calls his children and tells them, “Come gather around me and I will tell you what is going to happen at the End of Days, in the time of Mashiach, before the Gemar HaTikun.” Rashi brings it that Jacob wanted to reveal the End, but the Shechinah left him, and he started talking about other things. However, the Midrash has a more interesting parable about this. It says that Jacob is like the person who is the closest confidant to the king, and as he's about to die, gathers his children together and says, “Let me tell you all the king's secrets,” when suddenly the king comes into the room and looks at him, saying, “You can't do this,” and so he starts talking about other things. But the kabbalists... read more


The Heart is Small

Topic: Personal Transformation | Posted: January 4, 2017

The portion Vayigash begins with what seems to be a confrontation between Yehuda and Joseph. Yehuda at this point believes Joseph is simply the second in command to the Pharaoh, and in speaking to him, says these interesting words: "May I speak words in your ears." This specification of speaking into the ears is strange, because whenever we speak to someone, they are hearing through their ears. So, what is the purpose of Yehuda mentioning the fact that as he speaks, he is going to be speaking to the ears of Joseph? The kabbalists explain this is a very important understanding that is also true for most of us, if not all of us. Before we begin studying and understanding, we are basically clueless about why things are happening, what we’re supposed to do about it, how we are supposed to change, and so forth. There are so many questions unanswered. Then a person begins his spiritual... read more


Choosing Assistance Only from the Light of the Creator

Topic: Kabbalistic Concepts | Posted: December 28, 2016

The portion Miketz begins with the discussion of the time after the two additional years that Joseph was in jail, for a total of twelve years, for a crime he didn’t commit. So, Joseph is finally getting out, and it should be a happy time. However, the portion begins with the word vayehi, which connotes something negative. Why? The reason, kabbalists explain, and there are a few understandings of this, is that Joseph, for his own spiritual process, purification, and correction, was supposed to be in jail for only ten years, not twelve. Miketz begins at the end of those two years; what is special about them? At the end of the previous portion Vayeshev, Joseph is in jail with the Pharaoh’s wine steward and baker, and they have dreams, which he interprets. He interprets for the baker that he is going to be hanged, and for the wine steward that he is going to go back to his position. Joseph... read more


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