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Every person has the opportunity every second to connect to the Light of the Creator. The only thing that stops us is our ego. 21 hours 30 min ago


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Breaking Free from Spiritual Slavery

Topic: Well Being | Posted: February 3, 2016

The portion of Mishpatim deals with slaves and slavery; the kabbalists teach, however, that this is not talking about people who are physically enslaved. Rather, on the most basic level, being enslaved means caring what people think about us and doing things not because they are coming from our true essence, but because society, friends, family, and so forth, want or desire us to behave in that way. It may also mean we’re really doing things just to be liked, accepted, appreciated, or thought of as a good, sharing, spiritual person, even though they do have a positive side to them. It’s important we understand this, because if we don’t know the disease, we can never gain the cure. Spiritually, the kabbalists teach there are two forces in this world. There is what we call the Light of the Creator, what Rav Ashlag refers to as ma’arechet hakedusha, the system of holiness; that is the... read more


Pushing Ourselves Beyond Comfort In Order to Elevate

Topic: Personal Transformation | Posted: January 27, 2016

Before Yitro, the father-in-law of Moses, appears in the portion of Yitro, he was a spiritual person who had left all the idol worship he had previously taken part of, and was looking for the truth. He hears the story of the Israelites going out of Egypt, and he hears the story of the battle with Amalek. And, as he is a very elevated spiritual soul, knows that the story of the Israelites going out of Egypt, the Splitting of the Sea, and the battle with Amalek is like the headquarters of assistance and redemption needed for the world from then on. Therefore, if we want to connect to that Light of elevation and assistance, we have to connect to, and repeat, that story. Yitro has a choice. He can stay home and use the tool of repeating that story to himself, or he can go hear that story from Moses. It is a big choice, because Yitro lives very comfortably in Midian. He is a very well-... read more


Walking Behind the Creator

Topic: Kabbalistic Concepts | Posted: January 20, 2016

The portion Beshalach is a very important one. It is the one where the 72 Names are revealed, and one of great miracles; as such, it is one from which we can also awaken great miracles. It says that the Israelites awakened a tremendous amount of certainty and trust in the Light of the Creator, and then, right after that, elevated to the state where they were worthy, able, and capable of receiving the Light of miracles and the Light of the Final Redemption. And, ultimately, as Rav Shimon bar Yochai tells us, what the Light of the Final Redemption really is is an elevation of the level of our certainty in the Light of the Creator to such a place that it is the solution to all the darkness, pain, and difficulties that we experience. There is a beautiful and powerful section in the Zohar, in the portion of Shlach Lecha, that says there are two ways an individual is with the Creator. It says... read more


Unifying the Yud Hei and the Vav Hei

Topic: Kabbalistic Concepts | Posted: January 13, 2016

The portion Bo begins with the Creator saying to Moses, “Come to Pharaoh.” Grammatically, as the Zohar and the kabbalists point out, the word, however, should have been “go,” as in “Go to Pharaoh,” but bo means “come,” as if either there is some higher place that Pharaoh was in that Moses had to get to, or as an indication about where Moses had to go in order to take care of this force of negativity called Pharaoh. So, why is the word “come” used instead of “go?” There are two parts to our lives which can be represented by the Tetragrammaton; the Yud Hei represents the higher levels, and the Vav Hei represents the lower levels. The Yud Hei, for example, represents the times we are spiritual when we’re making our connections, studying, and praying. But it is much more difficult to maintain a connection to the Light of the Creator when we’re working or doing things of a physical nature.... read more


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