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Everything We Need is Already Here

Topic: Kabbalistic Concepts | Posted: February 25, 2015

There is a section in the teachings of the Noam Elimelech (Rav Elimelech Weisblum of Lizhensk, 1717–1786), which I love, that explains the importance of studying for the purpose of revealing Light, rather than merely studying for the sake of accumulating information. The Noam Elimelech says that in Psalms 40:5, King David said to the Creator, “God, you have prepared so many great things, Your wonders and Your thoughts which for us...” And so the Noam Elimelech asks, “How can we awaken miracles to heal the sick and take somebody out of bondage? How do we have the strength to reveal great miracles?” The answer, he explains, is that we do not have the power, nor do we create these things anew. Having the consciousness that it is not we who are creating miracles to help heal someone or free that person from bondage can be the difference between whether we can bring miracles into the world... read more


Having a Constant Connection to the Light

Topic: Well Being | Posted: February 18, 2015

The Zohar, in its entire commentary about this Shabbat of the portion Terumah, makes clear that there’s a tremendous amount of Light that is revealed, revolving specifically around the individual’s ability to make a personal, deeper connection to the Light of the Creator. The purpose of this Shabbat, and what’s available to us on this Shabbat, is really to awaken a personal, constant connection with the Light of the Creator. Rav Moshe David Valle, one of the great students of Rav Moshe Chaim Luzzatto, an Italian kabbalist, wrote a commentary on the Torah. And it is his explanation on the beginning of the portion Terumah which will create the opening for us to really understand this Shabbat’s gift. The portion begins, the Creator tells Moses about the Israelites, “They should bring Me an offering. “ And the Creator says, “Any person,” meet kol ish - and these are really the key words on... read more


A Secret of Reincarnation

Topic: Kabbalistic Concepts | Posted: February 11, 2015

The portion Mishpatim starts with the Creator telling Moses, “These are the laws, the rules that you should put in front of them.” In the Zohar, Rav Shimon bar Yochai tells us that the Creator was actually asking Moses to explain the rules of reincarnation; it says Rav Shimon bar Yochai awakens the friends, the students, and us, saying, “Now is the time to reveal hidden secrets about reincarnation.” As discussed in the first paragraphs of this portion’s Zohar, the Creator tells Moses that the whole Revelation at Sinai cannot be understood without a deep understanding of reincarnation, and that he needs to teach the Israelites about it. And that is a secret of this Shabbat; this is the Shabbat when all the secrets of reincarnation can be revealed. I want to talk about one of the secrets of reincarnation that is discussed here. As we said, Rav Shimon bar Yochai calls all the souls from... read more


The Creator Is Revealed from Within

Topic: Personal Transformation | Posted: February 4, 2015

It says the Creator gives the Israelites three days to prepare for the Revelation at Sinai, and that on the third day the Creator will come down to the mountain. In Aramaic, the word for coming down or descending would be nachat. However, Onkelos, who translated the Torah from its original Hebrew into Aramaic, uses the word itgalei, meaning that on the third day the Light of the Creator will be revealed from within the mountain… just as the kabbalists point out that in the story of the Burning Bush, the word that is used was also within; the Creator was revealed from within the Burning Bush. So, what is the secret there, and what is the secret at Sinai? When most of us think about the story of the revelation to Moses at the Burning Bush, we think that the Creator chose to come from the Heavens and reveal Himself to Moses on the Burning Bush. But that’s not the truth. Really, a direct... read more


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