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The end of pain, suffering, & death, cannot come until there are enough people who have removed their ego. MORE: http://t.co/Wf4vrEIH4G 5 days 20 hours ago


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Connecting to the Higher Realm of the Yud Hei

Topic: Kabbalistic Concepts | Posted: January 21, 2015

We are in the portion of Bo, which precedes what's called the Redemption, the Israelites going out of Egypt. Therefore, this portion has within it the Light and understanding for every single one of us to be able to take ourselves out of any negativity or darkness that we experience. The teaching I’d like to share about this portion has to do with what we need to change and what we need to do consistently in order to enable the Light of Redemption, the Light that can take us out of all forms of negativity. There is a section in Sanhedrin, in the Talmud, which deals with the Redemption. It says: “The Redemption cannot come until those with ego no longer exist.” Either they are not in the world, or they are still in the world but their ego doesn’t exist. So, kabbalists ask why ego is the only thing that’s stopping the Redemption… there are a lot of worse things that happen in this world,... read more


Connecting our Mouth with the Mouth of the Creator

Topic: Prayer & Meditation | Posted: January 14, 2015

The portion Va’era begins, “The Creator tells Moses, ‘I revealed myself to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in one level of Light, one level of connection. But in this highest level of connection I did not make myself known to them.’” So the kabbalists ask, what secret is the Creator giving Moses in that statement? And most importantly, what understanding and secret do we want and need to receive from that teaching? To answer this, I want to share from the Pri HaAretz, the book of collection of teachings from Rav Menachem of Vitebsk; it is the one book that Rav Brandwein would study the weekly portion from. It's a lengthy section but I want to focus on one point that has to do with speech… specifically, speech that is of prayer, that is of study. The original words of Rav Menachem of Vitebsk in Hebrew are very beautiful and powerful, but translated, he asks - when every person is praying, do... read more


Focus On the Spark of Goodness

Topic: Kabbalistic Concepts | Posted: January 7, 2015

Through the portion of Shemot, on this Shabbat, we can begin to awaken the part of our soul that is needed to bring the Final Redemption. And letter number 27 in Beloved of My Soul has within it a specific point that Rav Brandwein teaches Rav Berg about that important understanding in this portion. Moses, we know, wanted to bring the end to pain, suffering, and death. He made it a point to do whatever he could to assist the Israelites while they were in the pain of slavery in Egypt. So, Rav Brandwein asks, why then when the Creator tells Moses that he wants him to be the one who will bring the end to all the pain and suffering, does Moses say no? A whole argument ensues, back and forth, for a week, and not only does Moses not jump on the opportunity, but he keeps pushing it back. Rav Brandwein asks, how do we understand this? Moses cared for the Israelites, but not in the way most of us... read more


The Secret of Your Own Supernal Protector

Topic: Kabbalistic Concepts | Posted: December 31, 2014

This portion is called Vayechi, which literally means “and he lived,” referring specifically to the life of Jacob during the 17 years he was in Egypt. And it really is a discussion of Jacob’s preparation in leaving this world. He knows he’s not going to stay in this world much longer, and it says he tells his sons, “Gather around me and I will say to you what is going to happen to you at the End of Days, Acharit Hayamim.” If you read the verse literally, it means that Jacob is telling his children, and telling us, what the process is that each one of us has to go through - and that the world has to go through - in order to achieve what’s called the “Final Correction.” But the Zohar says that those words, Acharit Hayamim, “End of Days,” really hold within them a secret that follows us our entire lives; a secret that’s important to understand. In the section of Ki Tisa, the Zohar speaks... read more


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