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The Difference Between Simple and Straight Connection to the Light of the Creator

Topic: Kabbalistic Concepts | Posted: November 15, 2017

In the portion Toldot, Rebecca receives divine inspiration that Jacob needs to steal the blessings his father, Isaac, was going to give to his brother, Esau. It says that Jacob's nature was tam, meaning a simple person, one who does not manipulate or steal. Jacob, therefore, was put in a position that was completely opposite of his nature. The Zohar tells us that before Jacob went in to steal the blessings, he prayed, reciting this verse in Psalms: “Save me from the words or the language of lies, of any words that are not truthful.” It's strange that as he's about to lie and steal, this is the prayer he chooses. As such, what does it mean that Jacob, before entering Isaac’s room to use deceit to steal the blessings from Esau, prays to “Protect me from lies?” The blessings that Jacob was going to receive, Rav Ashlag tells us, were all the Light that humanity would need to bring an end to... read more


Being Blessed with Everything Like Abraham

Topic: Personal Transformation | Posted: November 8, 2017

In the portion Chayei Sarah, it says that the Creator blessed Abraham with everything. This means, therefore, that there's an opening for us during the week of this portion to bring ourselves closer to also being blessed with everything. So, what is the awakening of consciousness that can bring us to that level of Abraham? And what does “Abraham was blessed with everything” actually mean? To explain this, there’s a teaching that begins with the verse in Psalms, in chapter 119. King David, as we know, had a very challenging life; people tried to kill him and hurt him. And one of the great teachings from King David is the concept of certainty throughout even the worst challenges. So, in this verse in Psalms, King David is talking about one of those moments in his life when people were trying to kill him, and he says, “At that moment, I learned the Creator’s teachings.” On a simple level,... read more


A Person Becomes His or Her Actions

Topic: Personal Transformation | Posted: November 1, 2017

In the beginning of the portion Vayera, there is the story of Abraham; on the third day of his circumcision, he's in great pain, and he sees what we know to be three angels. However, he thinks they're three regular people, invites them to eat with him, and prepares a whole meal. There is a section that speaks about all the physical actions Abraham was taking. It tells us the details of his running after the animals, and then specifically how he cooked them. Even on a very simple level, it seems strange that the Torah would go into so much detail, telling us all about Abraham's food preparation; as such, there must be a spiritual understanding behind it.   What is the secret? It says that in the moment Abraham saw the three people who he ran to invite, the Light of the Creator was being revealed to him. And it says that Abraham essentially said to the Creator, “Wait here. Let's stop... read more


Maintaining Precision in Our Spiritual Work

Topic: Personal Transformation | Posted: October 25, 2017

It says in the portion Lech Lecha that Abraham travels from where he was born, but the Creator doesn’t tell him where he is going. We know, in retrospect, that the Creator was sending him to what was then known as the land of Canaan, and today is known as Israel. It was the place where Abraham needed to go in order to get to his next level. And the kabbalists tell us the story beyond the story; Abraham is going to a realm of spiritual work that is beyond nature. As he sets out on his journey, the Creator says, Lech lecha, el ha’aretz asher ar’eka, “Go to the land that I will show you.” The Creator, as we said, does not tell Abraham where he is going, and just tells him to start traveling. The kabbalists teach that as Abraham is walking, he comes upon different lands; one is a place called Aram Naharayim, where it says he sees that the people are drinking and eating and not very... read more


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