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Go Into the Desert

Topic: Prayer & Meditation | Posted: July 23, 2014

This portion speaks about the 42 places that the Israelites traveled in the desert. Those of us who study Kabbalah hear the number 42 and know it connects to the Ana b’Koach, the 42-letter Name of God. On this Shabbat, the kabbalists teach that the 42-letter Name is the secret of the Final Redemption, and if a person is able to connect completely to those 42 letters, he is able to remove any darkness. And when enough people come to a true connection to this 42-letter Name, we can come to the Final Redemption. In the Torah, when it talks about the Israelites traveling through the desert, the desert is simply an indication of klipot (shells); meaning, every time we feel down, every time we feel sadness, every time we experience darkness, we are experiencing desert. So it’s not talking about the physical place, it’s talking about that energy. Therefore, although it physically happened as... read more


Experiencing the Light in the Moment

Topic: Kabbalistic Concepts | Posted: July 16, 2014

In this portion, Moses uses the words ze hadavar, which mean, “This is the thing that the Creator is teaching, or commanding.” The Midrash explains that the difference between Moses and the other prophets is that when Moses prophesized, he used these words, ze hadavar, and the other prophets used the words koh amar Hashem, “So said the Creator.” This is because, the Zohar says, Moses’ vision was clear, while all the other prophets, no matter how great their vision was, were still on the level that wasn’t always 100% clear. So, how do we earn the ability to come to that level of ze hadavar, of a complete, clear, constant connection to the Light of the Creator, as opposed to a level of koh, which is not? We need to first gain an understanding of what it means to be connected on the level of ze hadavar versus what it means to be connected on the level of koh. The kabbalists teach that the... read more


Removing the Venom of the Negative Side

Topic: Kabbalistic Concepts | Posted: July 9, 2014

At the end of the portion Pinchas, Moses knows that he is going to be leaving this world, and he asks the Creator to appoint a leader to replace him. The Sh'la says that in his request, Moses was not just asking about that time. He was also asking for it to be revealed who will be the leader at the time of the End of the Correction. The Creator answers Moses and reveals Joshua, who is going to be the leader for that time. But the Creator also shows him the leader for the End of the Correction, and therefore, in so doing, reveals the Light of the End of the Correction. The Creator also shows Moses all the generations that will live from that time until our time, until the time of the End of the Correction. The Creator shows him that every generation from then on is going to be a lesser generation than the previous one; every generation from then on is going to have less consciousness,... read more


The Battle for our Consciousness

Topic: Kabbalistic Concepts | Posted: July 2, 2014

There are many unique things about the portion Balak and this Shabbat. One is that while we know Moses writes down all the stories in the Torah that he was either leading or witness to, there is no real way to understand how Moses came to actually know the story in this portion. The story is that the Israelites are in the desert, and Balak, a king, is worried that the Israelites will come and conquer his land. He sends messengers to Bilaam, a great sorcerer, and asks him to come and help him do damage to, or at least diminish the spiritual strength of, these people. So, they come together and go to the mountains that surround the Israelites. But they never interact with Moses or the Israelites; so, how do we even know that this story happened? How did Moses come to write down this whole story of conversations and prophecies that did not go on in front of him? A great kabbalist whose... read more


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