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Pre-Prepared Pathways of Light

Topic: Kabbalistic Concepts | Posted: May 18, 2016

In general, the conversation and story in the portion Behar revolves around what’s called shmita, the cycle in which land is worked for six years, but on the seventh year, it is not, there is a rest. So, they ask the question - what are we going to eat in the seventh-year? Naturally, someone would be worried; the first six years you work and have food to eat. But in the seventh-year, if you don't work, you won't have food. Which means, also, you wouldn’t have food in the eighth year, because you didn't prepare during the seventh year. The Creator answers their question of what they are going to eat by saying, “Don’t worry. I will send out a special blessing, so that there is food available for you, miraculously, in the seventh and eighth year.” That's the basic story. The Creator tells us there's a reason we don't work the seventh year, but not to worry about what we’re going to eat in... read more


Clothing the Light of the Creator

Topic: Kabbalistic Concepts | Posted: May 11, 2016

Our consciousness about the Light of the Creator directly influences what Light is revealed to us and how we manifest that Light for ourselves and others. Rav Ashlag teaches that there is only ourselves, the Light of the Creator, and nothing else; if we live with a limited consciousness, we limit the revelation of the Light of the Creator for ourselves and the world. Therefore, exactly how we think of the Light of the Creator is how the Light of the Creator is revealed. It says in the Tikunei Zohar, in the section called the Prayer of Eliyahu HaNavi, Elijah the Prophet, that no thought can be attached at all to the totality of the Light of the Creator, what's called the Endless Light, the Endless World. And even though we can never come to connect to the totality while we are in this physical form, we can still reveal aspects of that Light; as we speak and think is as we manifest the... read more


What It Really Means To Love Your Neighbor as Yourself

Topic: Kabbalistic Concepts | Posted: May 4, 2016

The portion Kedoshim contains in it a verse we have all heard many times: "Love your neighbor as yourself." Rabbi Akiva says that this is the purpose of the entire teaching and revelation of the Torah. And Rav Ashlag begins with the understanding that if Rabbi Akiva's statement is true, which of course it is, then "love your neighbor as yourself" is the entirety of the purpose of all spiritual work. When we think of loving our friend or neighbor as ourselves, we tend to think that means doing actions of sharing. However, Rav Ashlag tells us that the whole purpose of our spiritual work does not mean that to love your friend is to share with him, but that to love your friend means that you love him as much as you love yourself, and not to any single degree less than. An example of this would be that when you're about to take a sip of tea or eat a sandwich, you stop first and say, "Wait,... read more


Experiencing Death Every Day

Topic: Well Being | Posted: April 27, 2016

Nadab and Avihu, the two sons of Aaron, achieved the level of Acharei Mot, being "after death," the level of having conquered death. How did they conquer death? By feeling death as it was imbued with the Light of the Creator. Therefore, the Zohar says they removed for themselves, and created an opening for all of us to remove, the force of death from our own lives and from the world. The Zohar explains that there are thirteen channels by which mercy and Light come down into this world. Each one has a name which indicates the Light within, and the seventh one of those thirteen is where life comes from, and is called Ve'emet. The kabbalists teach that when you are able to awaken this aspect of the thirteen attributes called Ve'emet, what happens is called the shining of the face of the Light of the Creator to the individual. In the connection called the Birkat Kohanim, the blessing that... read more


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