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  • Michael reveals how we learn much more from the failings, challenges and battles faced by spiritual giants such as Abraham the Patriarch, Rav Shimon...read more
  • In the beginning of the portion Vayera, there is the story of Abraham; on the third day of his circumcision, he's in great pain, and he sees what we...read more
  • When Abraham went up to the mountain, it was only him and Isaac. But it says that when he came down for the three day travel, he took others with him...read more
  • Our actions are not merely an experssion of who we are, but in fact, our actions make us who we are.  Michael explores how our negative or...read more
  • In the portion Vayera, we have the Binding of Isaac, in which the Creator comes to Abraham and tells him what Abraham understands to mean that he has...read more
  • Michael explains that by embracing our pain we draw the ultimate blessings to our life and the Light of the Final Redemption to the world. CLICK HERE...read more
  • At the beginning of this week’s portion, the angels, after being fed by Abraham, tell him that a great miracle will happen a year from now; he and...read more
  • This week's portion, Vayera, is a very important one filled with many secrets. We begin with the discussion of the third day after Abraham has...read more
  • Michael reveals how the greatest Light and the blessings we truly need to reveal in life can only be accessed from those moments when have the least...read more
  • Michael explains how we must maintain consciousness even when we receive information that at first seems contradictory and how in doing so we bring...read more

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