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  • The portion Yitro begins with the story of a very negative person, who happened to have been the father-in-law of Moses. His name was Yitro, or...read more
  • Michael reveals the secrets found within the story of Rav Tarfon and how each of us can be inspired in the midst of darkness. read more
  • The Midrash, in the portion Terumah, tells us that Moses was overwhelmed on this Shabbat. It says when the Creator said to Moses that the Israelites...read more
  • Michael explores the consciousness Abraham awakened in the world: 1) Everything exists because the Light of the Creator is being reinfused into it in...read more
  • It says the Creator gives the Israelites three days to prepare for the Revelation at Sinai, and that on the third day the Creator will come down to...read more
  • I want to share something based on a teaching I think most of us know from the Zohar. Referring to both Sarah and Abraham, it says B'im Bayamim, that...read more
  • Oftentimes we say to ourselves, 'I want my life to matter.' Michael reveals how we can make sure our actions and impact in the world will live...read more
  • Join Michael as he reveals how the energy of this week assists us in opening the 50th Gate of Binah and reaching unimaginable spiritual heights to...read more

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