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  • In the beginning of the portion Va’etchanan, Moses tells the Israelites that he begged the Creator to allow him to enter the Land of Israel. The...read more
  • Michael shares inspiring meditations from The Ari that we can use with the Ana B’Koach, also known as the 42 Letter Name of God, and reveals how we...read more
  • Michael reveals the secret behind unanswered prayers. Sharing from the stories of Abraham and Isaac, Michael explains how we have the power to change...read more
  • Michael discusses the Bible portion of Ki Tavo which includes 98 curses and how the Shabbat reading of the Tetragrammaton in this portion can cleanse...read more
  • The portion Va’era begins, “The Creator tells Moses, ‘I revealed myself to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in one level of Light, one level of connection....read more
  • This portion speaks about the 42 places that the Israelites traveled in the desert. Those of us who study Kabbalah hear the number 42 and know it...read more
  • After the revelation of Mount Sinai, the Creator rests upon the people of Israel. Michael reveals how every time we scan or read Zohar, pray or use...read more
  • The portion of Ekev is a continuation from the beginning of Devarim when Moses is about to leave this world. In it, he teaches us a very important...read more
  • The portion of Va’etchanan begins with Moses telling the Israelites, “I begged the Creator to let me enter into the land of Israel.” We know that...read more
The Creator is only constantly in the state of Goodness, and never in the state of seeing what is wrong. Read more: https://t.co/NHD1PQ5a34
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